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Database creation

Database creation

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Database creation

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In this step, you can decide if you want to Use an existing database or Create a new database. In both cases, you need to enter the name of the database into the appropriate field.





Installing on SQL Azure


If you are performing the installation on an SQL Azure server (the database service of the Windows Azure platform), you will only have the option to use a predefined database, since Kentico CMS cannot create a new database on this type of server.


Please see the Database setup section of the Windows Azure Deployment Guide to learn how you can prepare a database on SQL Azure.


In case you are using an existing database, you can choose if you want to Create Kentico CMS database objects. If the existing database already contains Kentico CMS objects (tables, stored procedures, views), you need to uncheck the box. If the database does not contain these objects (typically when you are installing into an empty database), you need to leave the option enabled.